Alternative Treatments

We have a wide range to choose from perfect for you to relax and disappear into a world of pure bliss.

Hopi Ear Candling

This 35-45 minute treatment helps draw out impurities and congestion within the ear, also helping to relieve pressure from the head and sinuses.  Incorporating facial pressures and draining techniques.  A relaxing and effective treatment.

Indian Head Massage

This healing treatment includes the head, neck arms & top of the back.  Based on a healing system from India, this massage helps relieve tension, migraines, insomnia & sinus problems.

Individual sessions

5 week Course – Buy 4 treatments and get 1 free (Full payment required upon first treatment)





Helps to balance the body, working on energy channels in the feet, working in harmony to create a feeling of health, wellbeing and total relaxation.

Individual Sessions

5 week course – Buy a course of 4 treatments and get one free (Must be paid for upon first session)